Monday, April 21, 2014

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New Logo and Color Warranted for This Era of Razorback Football

Robert Shields

Fans this time of year are starved for football and in its absence will find things to talk about. Two recent items got their attention. One was the establishment of a new color being Pantone 201, which is a shade of red that supposedly is closer to Alabama’s red. Hopefully, this will transcend to the field where the Hogs will play more like the Crimson Tide.

This change from Pantone 200, which was a lighter color, probably is insignificant but the change was apparently made to standardize the color – like anyone would have been able to tell the difference after your kid’s shirt has been through the wash a few times.

But I don’t get the worry about standardizing a color when out of the blue last year you got introduced to anthracite as though that was a traditional Razorback color.

If there is one thing that has been standard about the Razorback colors, it’s that it’s not standardized. I fully expect them to wear green next year if it meant a miniscule increase in revenue.

As we talk about standardizing colors, one would think the logo of the charging Razorback would be one thing that would be standard. Especially after the enormous backlash the fans leveled against the UofA when it developed a Razorback that had popcorn smoke coming out of its mouth.

The rumor making the rounds was that the UofA was about to come out with a “secondary logo” of a Razorback coming at you similar to the way Alabama does the Elephant logo with it facing forward.

ASU also has a Red Wolf logo that faces forward, and their program is also winning so it might be a good idea to follow Jonesboro’s lead. Plus, it’s a great way for the UofA to make money to make sure your old logo item is not the latest to stay up with the cool kids when you’re wearing your Dockers game-day red khakis with logo above the pocket.

Also, since the UofA has moved toward the same color as Alabama, why not take their logo idea and copy it because it might help transcend to play on the field. It’s progress. Kind of like when they developed that new Hog hat because that iconic Uncle Heavy’s Hog Hat needed to be remade because who wants to be stuck back in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s when the Razorbacks won with the traditional logo.

Now that I think about it, maybe a new logo is warranted for this era of Razorback football.

The rumor of the new logo was met with praise and spite. I heard some compare it to Pumba the Warthog from the Disney Classic, “The Lion King.”

Regardless, Pumba is not Pantone 200 or 201 and one can only hope the Razorbacks do not enter the circle of life next year when play starts in the SEC on the first weekend.

In the meantime, spring practice for the Razorback football team is winding down with the Red-White extravaganza next weekend, so make the trip up to see your favorite team.
If stats mean anything, then one might deduce that Austin Allen is closing the gap on his brother as their completion percentages get closer (though both threw interceptions in their two-minute drills). This in some ways is good and bad.

It’s bad that Brandon Allen is throwing picks in a two-minute drill since he struggled terribly last year when forced into similar game situations.

But on the other hand, it’s good that maybe Austin Allen is getting better on the off chance his brother goes down. That drop-off between number one and two at the quarterback position is not as dire as was the case last year.

The team should be loaded for bear with Jonathon Williams, Alex Collins, and Korliss Marshall in the back field. Marshall, coming off a medical issue, has apparently impressed the coaches the UA tells us through its sports dissemination office. But in scrimmages, the running backs have struggled to find room to run. You can read this as the defensive front is becoming dominant or the offense lacks the ability to run-block right now.

Regardless, next weekend promises to be a fun one with the Red-White game. Get up there and soak in northwest Arkansas. And don’t forget to buy your new officially licensed logo items to support the NCAA and member institutions!

Send your logo ideas to and trademark them before the UofA can.

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Paul Sage said...

Whatever the color, it should be consistent. I see so much official U of A merchandise and it's in a variety of reds. Somebody in Fayetteville needs to be more careful. Consistency is a key component of good branding.